Rice for a Child

Upon request, Vänföreningen Portee would hereby like to give information to our English speaking friends about our ongoing campaign ”Rice for a Child”.

During our next visit to Sierra Leone, we plan to deliver rice to all our school children in Portee.
Many of our children come from families with extreme low income and where daily food is not something that can be taken for granted. A bag of rice is a very welcome gift!
To support these families we buy rice in Freetown, and deliver directly to the children and their families.

A bag of rice is around 10 USD/Euro. 
If you would like to contribute with one or more bags, you are most welcome to use the following bank account:

Namn: Vänföreningen Portee
IBAN: SE 589500 0099 6034 0303 8619
Bank: Nordea

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We need your gift before the 1th of April. The rice cermony will take place mid-april and as usual we will post pictures of the cermony on Facebook and on our website vfportee.se

For those of you living in Sweden, you are welcome to use our Swish 123 132 46 72 or plusgiro 303861-9 (Vänföreningen Portee)

Thanks in advance!

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